Thursday, October 14, 2010

Asie Payton

Asie Payton (1937 - 19 May 1997)was a blues musician who lived most of his life in Holly Ridge, Mississippi, in the Mississippi Delta. Born in Washington County, Mississippi, he sang and played the guitar, but made his living as a farmer. All we know about Asie was that he lived in a shotgun shack -- no phone, no a/c; and that whenever the fields were dry enough for tractor tires, he was working in them. When they were too wet, Asie was impossible to find. He lived in Holly Ridge almost all of his life and, like his father before him, spent Saturday nights playing in one of the two small grocery stores that qualify Holly Ridge for a name on the map-- a place, instead of just a county-road intersection. Near the end of his life he recorded one album, Worried, for the Fat Possum Records label, which was released after his death.
He appears and performs in the documentary film, You See Me Laughin': The Last of the Hill Country Bluesmen.
He died of a heart attack.
There is also a track by Payton on the Big Bad Love soundtrack.
Asie Payton's song, "I love you" from the album, "Worried" produced by Fat Possum Records, was used in the closing credits of "The Badge", 2002 film starring Billy Bob Thorton and Patricia Arquette. Several artists from Fat Possum were featured in the soundtrack. Unfortunately the soundtrack was never released.

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