Wednesday, December 23, 2015

REV.OVERSTREET Walk Through The Streets


Christine said...

Hello Reverend!
I just discovered you through your review of Rev Louis Overstreet's album on Amazon. I discovered his music & album a few years ago and was immmediately blown away. I discovered video of him on youtube shortly after that and was even more blown away.

I'm listening to your album "When I Rise" right now and I'm loving it, too!

Do you by chance know of any other unknown or lesser known gospel artists like Rev Overstreet? Not that they have to sound like him or anything, just that they sound good! I'm a huge fan of classic gospel like the Staple Singers, Highway QCs, Swan Silvertones, Soul Stirrers, Sensational Nightingales, etc.

Thanks a lot & Merry Christmas!

Christine said...

p.s. I forgot to ask if you ever play outside of Texas? I live in SW Virginia. Do you happen to know of any good artists or groups out this way?